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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

rough day 0. shane 1.

I have a neck sore. It seems like it happens on days like these. It started off kinda stressful. The supposed storm that they were calling for got me up early. The first couple of hours of it was it hitting my window and making so much noise, that it got me up from my nine hour sleep. Nine hours. Sleep. That's a record and I was going for ten, but the snow raised me from sleep-mode and made me rise way sooner than I thought I would. Went downstairs and started my day. Tea, a snack, computer rounds. TV. I took some food up to my room after and crawled back into my bed and watched CITY while also checking out CP24 and some Detroit stations to find out what's the latest on this storm. As I was trying to get back to sleep, I switched over to 640. I learned recently that I can't seem to sleep properly with the gleaming TV lights sneaking under my sleeping eyes. Radio is better. Got the sound, but no picture.

As I woke up, I trotted back downstairs to attempt to start my day again. Showered. Poured cup of tea number 2 while I finished up an interview I had been neglecting for the past couple of days. Finally started work. Fun. Mid-way through writing the interview, I was called outside to shovel.

This is where it got stressful.

I don't usually shovel. The metal rod in my back makes it really tough for me to keep up and do the whole thing. I don't half-step. All or nothing, kind of thing. But today, I toughed it out. Got through most of it then it happened. Almost slipped on some black ice and I think I sprained, pulled or injured something. Feeling OK, I continued to dig in. It happened again. I had to call it quits. As soon as I got home, changed and pulled back into my big black chair to resume my interview, I felt it in my neck and lower back. It hurt. I finished up the interview and headed upstairs to lay down. It helped my back. Not my neck. The rest of the day, my neck was hurting me. This doesn't help as my computer has been slow lately and has been causing me headaches. Head. Neck are connected therefore it's like one huge pain from the shoulder up. Sucks.

I took it easy for the rest of the day but kept at it. Continued to meet deadlines and work on the work I was supposed to do today. Work related stress' occurred along with this whole breaking news about FLOW (see below) later on in the afternoon just put the cherry on top of the cake.

I was not in the best mood to take stress today.

But I got through it. Everything seemed to get done and everyone - as far as I know - is happy. Including me. Kinda. Shuffling through various radio stations on the interweb, writing this and sipping on vanilla tea.

While I was shoveling today, I looked at what I had to do and then I looked back at what I already did and I amazed myself. I realized that I had done more than I have still to do and knew that the little more on the way was nothing. I can polish that off for sure. That's a pretty cool analogy for today. I knew it would be a rough ride and I knew I would be sore at the end, but I got through it. Beaten up a bit. Sore and tired but I'm just stronger after the battle.

Rough Day 0. Shane 1. Shane victorious.

Lesson of the day: Don't sweat the little things. Don't let the big things get you down. You're stronger and can conquer it. Just keep at it and be positive and you'll survive.