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Sunday, February 6, 2011

listen to your heart, because mine is busy...

As everyone is munching down on fatty foods and drinking their beer of choice, I'm at home. In the basement. Eating cupcakes sipping on tea and only glancing to the American classic. The weekend went OK. It was one of those weekends where you appreciate the good stuff in your life and you appreciate it while you have it. Tons of small stress' made up Friday and Saturday while today I was recouping from a late night of writing. Woke up early afternoon with a head cold. Still nursing it. Maybe that's why I'm not in full Bowl mode right now. Can't seem to really concentrate on too much for that long without getting fuzzy and a bit confused. Even this is take me a while to do. The weekend had me playing shrink for some good pals, which I don't mind at all. That's why I'm here. To be a listener. Advice giver. Councilor. Brother. Friend. And in that must-feed-the-man-ego kinda way, I get a trip doing so. I love it. Sometimes, though I'm too occupied with my own thoughts and worries and troubles to really concentrate on others. To take in other peoples problems. As a friend stated recently on his blog, listen to your heart, because mine is busy. In no way am I belittling others life worries or saying that `Sorry, dude, You got to take a number. This patient I got here is going to take a while' but sometimes, you have to make room for yourself. Reflection, and listening a bit more to the self than you usually do. That is what this weekend really meant for me.

As I cleaned, shoveled, drew, worked, cooked, napped, watched TV, walked, smoked, took photos, designed, drank, I was able to find out where my thoughts were and where and what I am mentally focusing on at the moment. I realized new stuff about myself and others. I saw the truth about how I've grown in the past year or so. I also dealt with personal problems that I had hidden away. It was like a spiritual retreat without having to leave my comfy warm living quarters. Good deal.

In a world where it's all about what others are thinking and doing and communicating through social media sites and your phone poison of choice, it's always necessary to find some time to communicate with the self. What are you doing for yourself in 150 characters or less? What's your own status on where you're at at the moment? What would your own BBM to yourself be? If you were to Skype yourself, what would you say to you? Harder than you think. Once you really think about it, it's amazing what you find.

Make room for yourself and I will make room for myself and when we're done, we'll run back to each other.