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Friday, February 18, 2011

the day the snow died..

As I entered my room this afternoon to grab my phone, I opened up the window and let the wonderful spring breeze hit me through the mesh separating myself to what could be called as a journey back to childhood. School. As soon as I took that big whiff of fresh air, memories came flooding back of me and my pals running into the school yard to say hello again to our friend the playground after being away from her since Fall. Winter came and went but we knew that our playground will always be there for some prepubescent fun. I snapped back to reality and realized I couldn't let this day go without making a run in the positive degree weather. I got ready, grabbed my camera and mp3 player and headed out the door. A little photo bombing mission in the nearby park to be followed by some afternoon coffee at Tim's. Sounded like a plan.

I turned up Reflection Eternal while I was in the park taking shots of the sky, basketball net, this really cool wooden hut and the sand. The sand. Nice to see that brown color again. With some of the white stuff still around, and the grass wet while the mud was just sticking onto my Doc Martins, I couldn't care. I was just wearing my jogging jacket and jeans. I was good even though the nice little chill from the breeze was making it a bit uncomfortable. I felt like a kid who jumps into the cold pool. They don't care how cold the water is. They just care that they're in water.

I usually hate these little teasers that Mother Nature throws at us every year but this year it was different. It was a nice little peak into what's to come. That more nice days like today are going to be here soon. We just have to man-up and survive the few weeks of cold weather left.