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Monday, February 7, 2011

body health. body rock..

Digging into a salad. I found some green in a plastic bag. Chose to make up a dish with tomatoes, strawberry dressing mixed in with ranch. Added some tomatoes. Sesame crackers on the side. My sister made some carrot cupcakes which I will have after over some green tea. I'm thankful for the good sleeps I've been having as of late. More than 7 hours a night for the past few days. I've enjoyed them. They were one of those sleeps where it felt like you were only down for a few hours. Woke up and all refreshed. The dreams I've been having have been all over the place. Odd, weird, crazy, happy, sad, thought provoking. Depressing. Some I will share, some I won't. I just know that I'm starting to listen more to my inner self and looking to the meanings of these dreams. Most of them make sense while others don't.

It was nice out today so I went for a jog. A quick 15 minute one around the block. Almost slipped a couple of times, but it didn't stop me. I've been on an energy boost since I shoveled twice in three days. I feel like I'm on a treadmill and wanting to go faster and faster. That winter smell can be so intoxicating sometimes. Not as fresh as fall or as springy as spring but it was wonderful. As winter. Sometimes. I am done, however of all this snow. I don't really mind the cold. I can battle that. The snow can go.

Healthy living can be fun. It can also have its moments. But at the end of the day, you have to do it for you and no one else or not because someone said that you should loose weight. Healthy living is good but you won't really enjoy it if you don't want it. Listen inside. It'll never stray you wrong.