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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

trying to keep warm

Tired of this cold. Winter sucks. I'm ready for April. March, even. Don't care. Just let's get over this huge hump of cold weather that these two months will be bringing. Headache hasn't gone, either. On and off. Try to forget about it. Could it be all the chocolate I've been having? Coffee, too. Sugar and I are best friends during the winter months. I'm doing research for two interviews coming up. They're independent bands so I don't have much to play with. I'm thinking I'll have to pull out the generic questions cards out on this one. I'm sure I can make it look good, though. Don't I always? I was writing today and heard the door open. Mom. Mom? Home already. Didn't know it was so late. The time has just flown since the Holidays. It's that time of year. Winter. While I'm working, however I'm also keeping busy and not letting other things take over. Little child silliness or daily worries that would bother me otherwise. It's a good thing. Hump Day. Already. Seemed like just a couple of days ago it was Monday. The News is talking about the Flu, right now. Ahh. The bugger hasn't caught me yet. Thank God. I tend to get 24 hour bugs but hardly ever one huge cold deal that lasts more than a few days. I like to think it's because of my healthy living. For the most part. Had two grapefruits yesterday. Three so far today. Tea this morning with whole grain bread. Fruit. Veggies. Organic foods. My diet. It's good. It also makes me feel nice and warm during these cold wintry months. Gotta find something to keep me warm.