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Thursday, January 13, 2011

getting'er done

All week I've been having this odd contrast of feeling. Between being restless and tired. I think of something to do but I don't think I will have enough energy to see it through. However, once I start the task, it seems like my fingers or my head or my feet take control and I'm off. It's just getting started. Getting started is the hardest part. Like when you wake up in the morning. You just need that jolt to get in the shower and get your clothes on. After that, it's all smooth sailing from there. Music also helps me. It used to be any kind of manifestation of rhythmic tone, but now it has to be just right. To fit my mood. Kinda like I feel better that someone else feels just like me and it's easier for me to take on the day knowing someone else in the world has the same thoughts as I do - even if it's a rapper or singer that I never met before. It's comfort. Comfort music. Speaking of comfort, food also helps me. The smell or the thought of my favorite food in the morning gives me a feeling to get started. To get'er done.