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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

moka rides the canada line with a xmas classic

It's been little less than a year since we did that exclusive interview with Canada Hip Hop treasure, Moka Only. Last December, we ended off our chat with him saying that he is "now a Jazz musician. Hip-hop can have its normacy back now..". However with the release of his annual Christmas gift to the world, Martian XMAS 2010 , it's obvious that Moka Only has not left Hip Hop. And Hip Hop hasn't left him. In a more experimental melodic release, the album showcases Moka's unconventional rhyming styles that just proves that this man is one of the greatest Canuks to ever rhyme over a beat.

Continuing to change things up, A good example of this is shown with Enderby which starts off as a Ninja Tune'esque DJ mish mash of samples and scratching, when the beat finally switches up a minute in to it to feature Moka's lyrics. Canada Line is a harmonic track where Only mentions some Canadaism's while ridding the rail. The Canada Line. I Keeps On, one of the heavier beats of the album, is a great two and a half minute showcase of Moka's skills. He won't quit. Another great beat featuring samples and some good ol' Hip Hop board work is Morning Glory and A Blob that is a short stint that gets your head moving.

Despite the brilliance of the production fro this album, my favorite part of Martian XMAS is that all the songs are less than 3 minutes long. Keeping it short and sweet, Moka lets his creative powers play and by the end of it, makes the listener asking for more. More Moka. Don't worry. Don't think he'll be quitting anytime soon.

Martian XMAS is currently available for $8.89 through Urbnet Record's Bandcamp site.

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