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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Pen shifty. Hands frozen. Lips bitten.
Got to be a bit drifty. Left. Picked her kitty
and said it was nifty. Took off.
She said goodbye. Stuck outside. Cold. The warmth left.
Bold. Trying to convey my feelings into this.
A forum of factual events. Dents put into my heart.
By her. Thinking of last Lent. Were in love.
Sinking into a huge pool of never ending sadness.
Madness. Kindness from both of our souls. Backintheday.
May was when we met. Jet forward to the present.
Broken. Soakin' in reality. Sanity used to be a pal of mine.
My pen still shifty. Hands still frozen. Lips still bitten.
Frost bit. Cold soul. Since she left. Broken.