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Friday, December 24, 2010

a holiday note of thanks.

Before the Christmas confusions commences, and the little rug rats come to invade the household and the grown ups come over to talk about the olden days, I just want to throw up a big peace and love sign to all you who have helped me this year with this blog and well - life in general. To those who supported me, inspired me, rubbed my back to say it'll be OK and was just there as positive energy when I needed it the most. I was able to vent anger, sadness, joy and comedy through writing and new creative avenues in 2010 which I'm thankful for. These new creative outlets have spun me into a new direction which is both exciting and fulfilling for me at this time of my life. I haven't ever felt so new before. Well. Maybe when I was a baby but even my memory isn't that good to remember those days.

As I raise a glass in good times and progression this year, I will say a silent prayer and thank you to all those who have helped me in 2010. Thanks to the regular readers of the blog for making 2010 the most successful one yet. The unique hits continue to grow everyday and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that someone is out there reading this jabber. If I moved you in any way through my little doodles, I'm thankful.

To my friends, family and regular readers, I wish you all a positive new year with constant balance and growth in 2011.

Keep It Real.