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Sunday, November 7, 2010

extra hours..

I've updated my site a bit. As you can see. I've added a player of mostly songs and bands I talk about on here. The only reason why I didn't do it sooner is because I hate when I go to a site and music automatically starts to play. Most of the time, I'm already playing music so it mashes badly. Sometimes, the player is buffering to start the tune and it slows down the loading of the webpage. Sometimes, I'm just in the mood for music. Other times, I just don't like the music that's being played. I know I just have to press `stop' but it just annoys me and it's an instant turn off for me and I just end up leaving the site. Anyway, my player doesn't come on automatically. That's a good thing and the reason why I put it on my site.

Still got the headache from last night. Now I know it's the weather. Changes in temperature. The evolving of nature. The 'aches always come on around this time. Comes and goes until late winter.

Been trying to be creative today. Not happening. Such an ideal lazy Sunday afternoon. Even with that extra hour of sleep. Yeah. Going to try to do some more design work later. Check out some stuff I did the other day. Pretty proud of the work. What do you think?