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Sunday, November 7, 2010

the definitive collection of my favorite songs of all time..

Today I'm going to answer a question many have asked but never really knew how to answer. Well, I have but I haven't been able to really come up with a legit list for it. The laminated type of list. The one that will be forever known as holy Grail of my Top 22 Favorite songs of all time. If people don't know me too well, the list might be shocking. To others, it'll make sense. So before any more unneeded blabber, here we go.

22) Thank You for the Music - Abba
This song was just beautifully written and it was sung with soul and so much heart.

21) Parents Just Don't Understand - DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
This was the first Hip Hop track I heard. I loved the way it was a story. I was able to relate. I was hooked.

20) Change is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke
This song has some beautiful lyrics. I first heard this song at a coffee shop while I was reading a book about Malcolm X and it just captured what I was reading even more. I felt I was in the 60s. It was an amazing feeling.

19) Time To Pretend - MGMT
I guess the youngest track on the list, this song just encompassed how I felt for the past couple of years. It came out at just the right time when I knew I needed to do some changes in my life.

18) Anyone Can Play Guitar - Radiohead
This song features one of my favorite quotes of all time about destiny. Plus, it has one really cool riff.

17) Closing Time - Lenard Cohan
I first heard this song at home watching the old CHUM-FM Countdown on CITY-TV. I was captivated by the voice. I later found a book of his poetry at the library. Became a lifelong fan.

16) You're All I Need - Method Man feat. Mary J Blige
The best love song in Hip Hop ever. The way these two mesh together is magic which just made this song even more powerful.

15) Wild Horses - Rolling Stones
Lovely lyrics sung so well.

14) I Need Love - LL Cool J
The first time a rapper took the chance to do a love track. Came out as a classic. A truthful confession from a guy on what he wants from a girl.

13) Being Boring - Pet Shop Boys
Another song that captures one of my quotes ever. I just love the song's concept. The meaning of it remains true to this day.

12) This Used to be My Playground - Madonna
I tend to connect with growing of age songs. This is another one. I tend to think of this song a lot when I think back to my teenage days. And when I was doing a lot of work in radio.

11) Scenario - A Tribe Called Quest
This song introduced me to my favorite Hip Hop group of all time.

10) Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson
Possibly, the most truthful and beautiful lyrics he ever wrote.

9) Pictures of You - The Cure
Man. I just love this song. One of the best love songs ever, In my mind. The best work The Cure ever did.

8) Islands in the Stream - Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton
My favorite love song of all time. The idea behind this song is poetic. Many have tried to cover this track, but no can compare to this legendary combo.

7) Tread Water - De La Soul
This song taught me to be positive. No matter your troubles.

6) Let It Be - The Beatles
Song is poetry. Song is one of the best. Ever.

5) Memories Live - Reflection Eternal
If any Hip Hop song has ever hit me on all levels. This would be the one. You know that song that when you close your eyes and you can see a vision of something ideal? Yeah. This would be the joint.

4)Imagine - John Lennon
Enough said.

3) Turn the Page - Bob Seger
When I first heard this song I thought of myself. It's that song that you have that was written about you.

2) Time after Time - Cyndi Lauper
Another song that I relate to myself. Some of the best lyrics ever put down on paper, I believe. Truly Cyndi's best work.

1) Piano Man - Billy Joel
I saw this song done live and it gave me shivers. Whenever I feel that there's a bit of a writers block coming on, this song inspires me and motivates me to create a little play in my readers mind. It always works.