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Friday, November 26, 2010

crtc declines much music request

From Broadcaster

An application by CTV Ltd. to amend the definition and programming commitments for its MuchMusic channel has been denied by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

The broadcaster was seeking changes to its licence that would have allowed it to change the amount of music programming it airs, and the amount of support for the production fund MuchFACT it contributes.

Those amendments were denied by the CRTC, but in its Broadcasting Decision 2010-875, the CRTC did allow amendments to the broadcast licence regarding modifications to programming commitments in certain categories, such as feature films aired on TV, as well as other program categories the broadcaster may air.

The CRTC also approved an amendment to the definition of 'broadcast day' for MuchMusic, allowing for an 18 hour rather that 24 hour day. The CRTC noted that this amendment would be retroactive, and that the definition of "broadcast day" for MuchMusic shall be in effect as of 1 September 2010.

This will "ensure maximum flexibility within its licence" for the broadcaster, the CRTC stated in its decision.

Nevertheless, reports indicate that MuchMusic will continue to seek permission to reduce the amount of music video content it airs, from 50 per cent of its schedule to 25 per cent, in order to air more music related and music lifestyle type programming.