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Saturday, November 20, 2010

the coffee house and laughs

Home on a Saturday night. Writing. Catching up on some work. Twittering. Facebooking. Watching some hockey on and off. Listening to a Dwele mix. Relaxed. I gained 10 pounds in the past 21 days. This what happens when I quit drinking. I gain weight. Most loose. I gain. I eat more junk food and get this obsessive liking to chocolate. It's like I just got out of a relationship and stuffing myself into depression. The only thing, though. I'm not depressed. I feel the healthiest I've felt in a long while. I found myself singing random joints around the house this morning, too. Haven't done that in a while.

Got a text from a friend yesterday. Said he was done drinking. It felt nice to know that a friend was in the same state that I'm in. It's kinda odd when all your friends want to go to the bar when you want to just chill at the coffee house. That's why the other times when I quit, I always ended up at the liquor shop. This time, at least, I someone who I can share a hot beverage with at least. Which is cool. It's always cool to know you have a support line out there.

Last night I went to watch Due Date. Good flick. I thought it was missing something. That little extra thing that wasn't there. Not sure what it was but it was something. Something to make it really special. Otherwise, it was alright. If you're in the mood to laugh, check it out. It is hilarious.