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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

and our story: inspired by her.

People ask me why I write poetry all the time. It's because of you. Inspired by you. Always have. Something about you. That little thing. Eyes? The neck? The way you play with you hair when you get nervous? That little thing you do when you are high? I don't know. Just you. I tend to get nervous, too. When around you. Blurred speach. Scattered thoughts. Messed up vision. Star struck but you don't live in Hollywood. Star struck because I know who you can be. Will be. People ask me why I listen to a lot of 90s RnB. It's because of you. Every beat. Lyric. Chorus. Bar. Loop. Sample. Remix. Reminds me of you. Sad song. Happy song. Tearjerker. Beat bumper. Something about it. Reminds me of us. Our Story. The story that is. Was. Could've been. Will be. Hopefully a happy song. Happy ending. A beat bumper that the girls will run to and buy the single because it would inspire them in love. True love. All this from a little nudge. Poke. Smile. Wink. Hair twirl. Glimpse. Being inspired by you is a good thing. Brightens my day. Makes it worthwhile. Makes me hungrier to succeed. Excel. Get the dough and feed you and our future fam. Good days. Only because I'm inspired by you. And Our Story.