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Thursday, September 9, 2010

the hip hop dream

For as much as I think about it and talk about it, I don't dream about Hip Hop as much as you would think I do. However, it's always a nice treat when I do. When I dream about Hip Hop the dreams seem that much more crisper and fresh and real. Last night I had a dream that I know I will remember for a long while. It was just that vivid. It was also that real. Real in the sense that just yesterday marked the two year anniversary of the passing of a local Toronto emcee, Matic. The dream was about him and his friends.

I'm sitting on the a street corner downtown Toronto. I have friends around me sketching in their notebooks. Others are beatboxing and there's also a freestyle session going on, too. My friends Circle Research come around and they start to record their podcast on the street. They're talking about the local scene, playing music. Having fun. During the break, the trio start to talk about the loss of Matic. They do a huge tribute to the fallen solder and end it by playing his track, Time Is Now. After the show, I grab a book CR were using to tag in. I take a page out and write Good show, boys. Matic would've been proud. We be the men of tomorrow. Peace and Love. Fame.