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Sunday, August 15, 2010

there is silence in the internet world..

There is a silence in internet world on the weekends. I like it. It's like being in a crowded place all week long. Having to keep valuables close to you. Trying not to bump into other bodies. Having to speak loud for you friends to hear you. Trying to remember other peoples names when they say Hi to you. Trying not to fall or trip over other people's feet. Not step on other people's toes. Then suddenly for the two days out of the seven. Empitness. A good emptiness. An empitness where you can be a slob and dash all your stuff all around you. You can spread out. You can speak softely when you see a commrade. You can try to get to know that person who you forgot their name. You don't have to worry about hurting anyone. Because there's no one there. Well, barely anyone.

It's a time when I do my best work. Alone. In the dark, mostly. The light glimmering from the screen and a little hum coming from the motherboard. The only other sound I hear is my fingers dancing around the keyboard making up new senentences or paragraphes or trying to add to a design piece or researching for some new article. This is my time of solitude. My time to really think. And create. I try to take advantage of this time as much as I can. I try not to avoid these times. Because before I know it, the five day busy streak of overwhelming bodies in one place starts again. Constant e-mails, pokes, chat requests, messege board replies, Twitter updates, MSN convos. Weekends have never been long enough.