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Saturday, August 14, 2010

home for a rest

Home. After a few busy weekends, I'm staying put all weekend. Laying around the house doing absolutely nothing. Well, maybe some design work. Maybe some photography around the hood. Maybe some painting. Maybe some writing. Maybe updating this little blog I have. Not too sure. I love weekends like this. This is when uncertainty is good. When you have no plans. Nothing really consecrate in mind. You're just going where the wind takes you. Or my creative spirit. Or my hungry stomach who ends up in the kitchen every three hours looking for something to munch on. Three weekends ago I went swimming and then to the beach. For the long weekend, I went to Niagara Falls. Last weekend? Taste of the Danforth and then checked out my boys over at the Supermarket in Kensington. But this weekend. Nothing. It's always nice to have some time to yourself. Especially in the midst of the packed weekends of summer. You get do dazed about what's going on, you tend to loose yourself in the excitement. And the heat. And the summer duties are usually done to relax and get-away. Too much of anything on a tight schedule will get anyone a bit crazy. It's always important to have some time alone to recollect and appreciate what you experienced and what is coming up tomorrow. This weekend that's what I have planned. To recollect and to look forward to tomorrow. And I think that's my only plan.