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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

blue cheese dream

This is the random dream. A dream where everything is kinda well. Random. I had the dream last night. I don't know where to start. Maybe from the place where I first remember? I guess. Ok. Here we go..

I'm on a side of a road. Eating a hot dog. I'm walking down the hill to this huge white house. There's a bunch of cars outside. Party? Anyway, I get there. I see some familiar faces. I go in. Introduce myself to the people I don't know. I head to the backyard. I start to socialize with everyone around. Suddenly it starts to rain. Rain a lot. I put out my hand and see that it's hailing. I scream `What's going on? It's hailing!!?". I run inside. People follow. Some stay. I go upstairs and sit down on a chair while I rest my legs on top of this old table. Relaxed. Suddenly, I'm in this other room. Totally different people. The room is a vibrant color of yellow. Bright yellow with some red. I'm looking at the walls. I really like them. I'm talking to my friend about how I should paint my new bedroom this color. And the living room. I start to walk out and it's still hailing. I continue to walk out. Everything is clear. I'm alone. I'm walking into this huge forest. I'm then transported into this car where I'm driving down this highway. The wrong way. On the other side of the street. I'm listening to the old UMC's Blue Cheese 12". A friend of mine shows up out of the blue. We start talking about music. I hear scratching and then our car is run off the car from this massive shoe. I'm alone again. In a mall. Alone. Walking towards the music store but it's getting farther way. I sit down. I am about to tie up my shoe. I wake up.