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Thursday, June 24, 2010

dead dream

I lost a friend a few months ago. Tonight, while I went to bed supper early, I ended up having a dream of her. Had to wake up and jot it down before I forgot - even though I doubt I will forget this one.

I start off in a basement. I'm lying down in a bed. Passed out. Tired. I hear a friend come into a room. She sees me sleeping. She moves me and picks me up. She puts me into a different room. While I'm sleeping, I'm wondering why I'm being moved. she lays me down on a hard surface. I hear more people around me. I hear her say `make sure he's ok'. I open my eyes. Everyone is there. I'm on a mini-stage. Looks like I'm in a living room of sorts. At a family gathering.

I wake up. I walk around to check out where I am. One room has all my friends. Eating, watching TV, doing the regular things. I see this little room. Really bright, colorful. All types of flowers. Soft music playing. I go inside. It's her. She's there. In bed. Lying down. Sleeping. There's a video game in the room with her. I put in a quarter and start playing. I never played it before, so I try my best to learn the ropes of this new game. I'm enjoying myself while sneaking a peak of my friend once in a while. I also check up on the others in the other room. I'm having a good time. I start talking to her. Telling her how much I miss her. I look at her skin. It's getting really frail. Gray. An almost see-through color. I wonder why she isn't buried yet. Thought she was going to cremated. Anyway. I start to continue my fun. Playing the game and talking to my old friend. Suddenly, I look at her. She's moving. I wonder if it's because the open window and the breeze blowing in is making her move. Then she opens her eyes! They wink. Water is coming down from them. I raise my hand up infront of her face and see if she sees me. She does. She smiles.