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Sunday, June 20, 2010

cancon beats..

I'll try to make this a new feature on the blog. Cancon Beats will feature new music from our local artists. Focusing on production heads who like to re-mix beats and release mix tapes. To any producers or Disk Jocks reading this, please feel free to send me links, or free copies of your material and I will showcase it on the page. For now, though, here are some cool new treats for your ears.

Fat Thursday is a hometown trio of production and music heads that have been doing up shows and re-mixing top hits for years. Recently, I had the pleasure to check out their latest cut. They re-mixed Drake's Over. Thought I would share. Check out the MP3 here. For the ones who like the dirty versions, check this link. Another track from Fat Thursday features a re-mix of Andreena Mill's Picture Perfect. The track is going to be featured on the trio's upcoming re-mix album which will be followed by the crew's first full length debut drop with all original material.

Member of Fat Thursday is Phat Tony. Tony has released a single featuring local emcee's, Theo 3 and Ski. The track, Turnaroundagain, is a summertime ode to Toronto women. You can check it here.