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Sunday, May 9, 2010

that mother's glow.

Momdukes went to Michigan for the weekend. I gave her gift on Friday. Made her open her Mother's Day card. Just spoke to her. Having a hoot with the family in the States. Today, I woke up and kinda missed going out for brunch. Going out on a Sunday morning looking over at all the other tables in the restaurant and seeing the kids treating their moms for late breakfast. Early lunch. Ever notice that glow mother's have on their face today? It's that special type of glow that they only have once a year. I think that glow should reside on their face every day of the year. They're powerful, smart, beautiful souls that we all take advantage of. I don't think it's on purpose at all. It's that constant that has been with you for your whole life and because it's so constant, you tend to use that not really appreciating it. It's the days like this that make me glow. Even though I'm not with Moms today, I know she has that glow. That glow that I try to see every day of the year.

Happy Mother's Day.