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Sunday, December 27, 2009

soap and falling dreams..

A couple dreams to tell you about. Been wanting to post them, but I've just been busy with everything. School. Work. Holidays stuff. Christmas. Anyway, finally got a chance. Here we go..

First one I had a couple of weeks ago. I'm with my sister in a mall. I have to get her something for Christmas. I'm looking around. I finally see this place that sells soap. I go in. I'm looking around touching all these different types of soaps. Different sizes, shapes, colors. I then see some organically made ones. I go over. They're showcased in a room that's supposed to be a huge washroom. Pretty neat, I think. Suddenly I start to mix all these soaps together in a huge jar. They come out to be a nice tone of green. I start painting the walls with it. Everywhere is painted with this new type of greenish color I made up by mixing all these different bars. I decide to take pictures of the room. My sister starts to yell for me. I leave the room. I wake up.

The next one goes like this. I'm driving down the road. Looks like downtown Toronto. I'm driving a huge truck. The music is blaring and it's a pretty nice day. Enjoying the ride. I'm worried about going the wrong way on the next street. I'm thinking about how the street always gives me troubles. I'm about to turn but I slip on some black ice. I fall on the road. Turning. I finally stop and hit a pole. I get up and the car is still going. I run for it. Can't catch it. I fall again. I wake up.