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Saturday, December 26, 2009

home for the holidays

I'm in Michigan. Came here on Christmas Eve afternoon. Went shopping then had a get together with the family and my sisters' in-laws that night. Yesterday, we went over for Christmas morning and all the excitement that comes along with it. Today, I stayed home. My second home. My Dad's place. He went out for the evening. I'm here. On his laptop in his office watching TV. First relaxing night all week. It's nice to have a quiet night in before all the madness starts again tomorrow. We always look forward to the holidays for rest but it seems like we're busier than on normal days. I got a new camera for Christmas. I'm pretty happy about that. I also got a book and a cool movie trivia game which totally put myself, my two brother-in-laws and my father in our place when it came to thinking we knew everything about the silver screen. We thought we were only going to buy for the kids this year. Ended up everyone got something nice. But we all know, that for now on, we will be taking the backseats to the gift cheer while the new generations get us up early to open what Santa left them under the sparkling tree. It's the Holidays. Can't wait to get back home.