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Sunday, December 6, 2009

insomniatic tendencies

Up. Second day in a row. Same time. Same place. I end up coming down stairs and having to do something on the computer to make myself tired. It sucks. I really should check out a sleep doctor about this.

Watched this show, Jersey Shores the other night. A Real World type reality show on MTV. It's one of those really bad American stereotyped shows that you can't stop watching. They use the words Guido and guidette every few sentences as it's a compliment and their obviously feeding in to all the negative connotations of what Jersey and Americans are like. But still. It's pretty good. OK, fine. It's OK. No. It sucks, but I can't stop watching. The girls are pretty hot. That's my only valid excuse of watching this trash. Drama and hot girls make good reality TV shows.

Had this cool dream that I was driving my Mom's old Audi down Yonge Street. It was rush hour. I was playing music and waving to everyone. Then, I encountered a roadblock. They were setting up for some type of parade. That's when I woke up.

Watched The Proposal yesterday. Really good. Better than I thought. I would love to have Betty White as my grandmother.

Going to try to get back to bed again. Hopefully this time it'll work. Maybe I'll check if there's a repeat of Jersey Shores on. That'd do it.