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Monday, December 14, 2009

got hip hop goodies in the mail, today

I went upstairs and looked through the mail. Bills. A Christmas card and something from my friends from Urbnet. It wasn't a cd. It wasn't clothes. It wasn't tickets to some event. I wondered what was going on. What could the Urbnet guys be sending me now? I opened up the envelope and pulled out three little business cards. They had little codes on them each with different album names on them. One was for D-Sisive's latest free album, Jonestown, The other two were Moka Only projects. The first I saw was Moka's annual Christmas project, Martian Xmas 2009 and the other was The Nope's debut drop, Melba. As I write, I'm downloading all three. I will write a review on each in the coming days.

The thing I found the best is that the package came just in time for New Music Monday's!

I Love Early Christmas gifts. Especially of the Hip Hop kind.

Thanks Urbnet!