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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Feeling more confident about school. Finally getting everything done. It feels like I'm just starting. I actually started in July but now it feels like all the work is leading up to something. I can see the finish line and it feels good. Few more weeks, I tell myself every morning as I wake up to this odd thing in my throat that's been here for three weeks now. It's so bad every morning that I feel like not going anywhere. It also comes with the sniffles and a really bad cough. However, after a nice shower and moving around the house getting breakfast ready. Watching the tele. Drinking coffee. Switching from radio station to radio station back to watching television, I start to feel better. I get a last wif of the would be cold as I walk to school. The cold air tickles my nose and plays funny sounds in my ears that makes me feel all bloated. I continue to walk and think if I really do have a cold and should turn back. I end up continuing on my journey into the classroom. After a few minutes and another coffee or tea, I'm better. Till the next morning. It happens again. I wonder what it is. How long it'll be here. Don't know. I want it to stop. Maybe it's just here to see if there's anything that'll stop me from reaching my goals. So far it has lost. I've been winning.

December 8th. Sad day. People feel the impact till today. I wonder if June 25th will feel the same way years from now. I wonder if his lyrics will still feel as deep and profound as John's does so many years after. Jackson wasn't the poet like Lennon, but he did have the impact that Lennon did. The world will still cover Jackson's death 25, 30, 40, even 50 years from now. The grandma's and pa's will remember where they were when Michael Jackson died. The radio stations will play all his tracks. The kids will dig up old tracks on their parents' mp3 collections. Other kids will just find out about The King.

I was listening to Lennon today and realized that I remember hearing the Beatles in my house before hearing The Jackson Five. I think my Dad played Imagine in those long rides to the States more than he did any Jackson tune. More poetry, I guess. No matter what. Two great men. And I hope I'm able to play both legends on the long car rides with my kids to educate them. Let the cycle continue. Funny thing is, I worry that the Kids won't have a legend to educate their kids about.