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Sunday, November 8, 2009

vmt: the love notes

When it gets cool outside, I always look back to my slower jam collections. Collections of old school, new school and everything inbetween tracks of slower joints. Love songs. I don't know. The cold makes me a romantic. So I'm going to dig a bit into the tracks and spill out some of the love jones for your ears to enjoy. Of course, in pure VMT fashion, I will educate you by digging deep into the crates and showcase some rare songs that never really got the love it deserved while mixing it up with songs that I'm sure everyone knows. Let's Go, Darling..

Baby - Carla Thomas

Just For You - George Duke
I Do Love You - GQ
Nice and Slow - Usher
Candy Rain - Soul For Real
Pass You By - Boys II Men
Tell Me It's Real - K-Ci and JoJo
Freak'N'You - Jodeci
Woman - James Brown
Woman - John Lennon
Song For You - Ray Charles
Come Over - Estelle feat. John Legend
Hey Girl - John Legend feat. Estelle
Selfish Girl - Rihanna
Is This Love - Bob Marley
Never Can Be The Same - Sean Paul
A Message To Rudy - The Specials
Let's Chill - Guy
Like You'll Ever See Me Again - Alicia Keys
It's Time To Say Goodbye - Black Ivory