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Sunday, November 8, 2009

beat up dream

I haven't woken up from a dream in pure fright in a long while. Last night I did. Here is what went down.

I'm sitting in the living room drinking something. Not too sure what. A guy sits next to me. We start a converstation. Back and forth. Onward and upward. Suddenly, the jokes start. We are jabbing each other. It then gets serious. The insults are getting worse. The swear words start. I tell him something. He takes a huge insult to it. He threatens to punch me. I close my eyes trying to wake up. I can't. I think it's real life. I look at him and his punch is coming to my face. I wake up.

Wow. It was one of thoes dreams. I woke up after and had to get something to drink and snack on. Thought about it. Wasn't leaving my mind. I was afraid to go back to sleep. I really should stay off the Red Bull.