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Monday, November 9, 2009

20 years ago today, the wall came down

I kinda remember 20 years ago today. We were living in our huge house in Stoufville. I was 11. I was running around on a Sunday morning but my parents were glued to the tele.

"The Wall is Coming Down!!", my mother screamed from her master bedroom on the main floor of the four floor fantasy land.

I don't know what wall she was talking about. I didn't even really know where Berlin was. I just knew it was big. My two sisters and I rushed to my parents bedroom, jumped up on my parents bed and we all watched it together. Solders were on top of the wall taking care of the madness surrounding the bottom. People with huge objects hammering away on this piece of history to just make a hole in it. To bring it down. Thousands were clamored around screaming, yelling. Crying. Waiting for Freedom. Then the unthinkable happened. This huge wall came crumbling down. It was Freedom. At Last.

I didn't know why the wall had to come down. I don't think I ever heard about That wall before that day. I just knew just watching the expressions of the people on the television and how my parents reacted that this was something I will never forget.

And I haven't.

20 years later.