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Monday, September 14, 2009

update on my quitting

So last week was a hard week. Things went down. I was stressed. All week I had seven smokes. I don't think that's that bad considering I used to smoke an average of 10-20 smokes a day. I felt bad. I knew I shouldn't have done it. But I'm sure It's going to get better. Haven't smoke since Saturday. Well, maybe that's because of my injury. I hope I won't again. I'm trying to cut down majorly and then quit. We'll see. I still want to quit. I still have my eyes on the prize. One day at a time. I thought I would still be able to do the things I used to when I smoke. The stuff that I did to make me want to smoke. Hell, when I quit drinking, I chilled at the bars all the time. Back then, however. I wanted it. I think I really want this. Not smoking. Guess not. It'll take more time than I thought, I guess. Maybe it'll be a struggle than I thought. I'm going to get through it. Raise the prize in my hands. Smoke free.