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Saturday, September 5, 2009

not turning back..

I've tried many times before. But I always go back. I tend to find a reason why I should stop. This time, I won't. No excuses. No reason to turn back now. You have too much too loose. It's amazing when you get inspired by something or someone that makes you feel like you want to be a great entity like that thing or that someone. I found that inspiration. I won't say if it's a thing or a person, but I will say that I'm lucky to have found it. Them? It? Won't say. All that matters is that I have quit smoking. I flushed my last two smokes today. Day One will be tomorrow. This week is going to be hard. But my inspiration will guide me in the right direction. Always will. I'm sure of it. I'll keep you posted. One day at a time, Shane. It's all up hill from here.