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Monday, September 7, 2009

never ever and ever ever. always.

Met you. Liked you. Short while. Don't know what happened. This thing happened. Don't know what it is. It's something. Something that feels great. It's that kinda great feeling that also feels dangerous to feel. That dangerous feeling that you don't know what would happen if you loose it. Loosing it would be the worst. It's that kinda great feeling where you want it but don't want it. You get all confused. Excited. Nervous. Stomach starts to roll around in weird ways. You get emotional at stupid chick flicks. That kinda feeling. Great, but yeah. Still dangerous. There's the times when I wished I said more. When I did more. I showed more. I cared more. The times when I should've said more. I could've done more. I shoulda' showed more. I coulda' cared more. But I didn't do that should have's, the could have's or the shoulda's or coulda's. I don't regret it. I don't regret anything. But I wonder what would've happened if I did. If these pent up feelings would bother me so much. They give me headaches. The headaches you get when you think of the future. Life. I start thinking too much. I don't know. I never really want to stop feeling this way. I would have this rather knowing anything else. Dangerous, I know. But nice. Always.