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Monday, September 7, 2009

kamau pushes back 09.09.09. release..

From Kamau's Facebook page.

I'm writing this because I'm a little disappointed...

September, 9, 2009 (09/09/09) is my 30th birthday, I wanted to release my album on this day because of the significance of the date. Nine is a number of completion, the last number before a restart/reset. Nine is the last number before ten, ninety-nine the last digit before one hundred etc. It symbolizes completion, not an end, completion is the end of a cycle not an entire process, meaning the completion of a stage/phase and entering into a new phase. Like in a relay each runner completes their phase of the course and passes the baton to the next runner to do their part. It also wasn't lost on my that no matter how many of the nines you ad up (9x1 / 9x2 / 9x3) they all equal a number that if the two digits are added up also equal 9... (i.e. 9x2=27 2+7-9).. nine multiplied by any number from 0-10 will equal nine when you add the two numbers in the answer. Three is also a significant number in that many things simplest group of things.. you can't have a simpler grouping then three.. one less then three is two and that is a pair not a group. Three sections/phases of three are 9.. like three groups of ten are thirty. This might seem a little strange to some, but this is the reason that I was pushing to have my album come out on this day. I've also recently heard that this day is my "solar return" the first day that the sun will be in the exact place it was at on the day I was born (thanks for the conversation amrit) symbols/signs.. things that tell you what to do. I know, I know.. I don't want to get too deep into this... sorry

I say all that to say this, my album is not coming out on 09/09/09 but it is coming out. I will be having a little birthday/listening party at anitafrika where I will play pieces of the upcoming album and the new mixtape (Vol. 2) on September 9th but won't put the album out yet. I was going to be too much of a rush and with everything else that I'm doing probably would have killed me to do it. I'm (still) too young to die. It's a little disappointing though I must admit.

But... I decided to wait because the 09/09/09 date will come and go in 24 hours and I hope the album will last a little longer then that. I'm waiting because I want to make the best album that I can make right now with the limited resources that I have. I write, produce and record in my apartment (sun gallery) and work at the same time, I also spend a lot of time on writing so it takes a long time to get things done (sometimes I wish I was one of those artists who just came and dropped a 16 on someone elses beat already complete with hook and sequencing recorded by and engineer... it would make this music come out way faster.. but i'm writer, producer, arranger, recording engineer and designer.. time consuming.. and i have a job). I also don't have management so every detail of putting something out has been on me thus far.. hopefully that will change one day.

I'm writing this as much for me as for anyone who may be interested, trying to tell myself that it's okay I guess, or explain or something. I realize that this album is is very important to me, what it says, it won't be easy to listen to, I mean it will be hard to play as background music, I would be surprised if it got much radio play, but hopefully people will appreciate it when it comes out and support it. I've pretty much sacrificed my entire summer for this album.. some people have been frustrated with me because I haven't been going out, seeing them, hanging out or supporting the many events that happen in the city.. I apologize, I need to concentrate on my own thing right now for my own sanity, I will connect with you soon, I promise.

My close friends and my family, the people who are really close to me and love me have all been extremely supportive and understanding though.. I've missed their birthday parties, bbqs, gatherings and get-togethers, I haven't seen them in many cases or visited with family (seen my Godson) in a long time.. so.. I really appreciate your support, understanding and patience in the process of me pushing for one of my (many) dreams, it means a lot to me, your honest support, you have no idea.

I've also had the support of many talented people in the city (and out) who have worked on the album or will work on something related to the album (artwork, video, vocals, music etc etc).. and to those people I also want to say thank you for you contribution, dedication and excitement in collaborating, I hope this album will be about community as much as it will be about personal expression, I'll let you be the judge when it comes out.

I'm not setting another date until I have a master copy in my hand, that's not too far off, I have ten songs at mix already, four more will go to my engineers this week (peace to Kris Blair and Elijah Walsh for being supportive and excited about mixing the project, means a lot to me). I also want to make sure that my promo can be executed the the best of my ability (indie) and forcing the album out for 09/09/09 would not have allowed for that, there is much that I still need to put in place.

So for the people who have been asking me about the album and supporting me in this album journey I just wanted to say that I appreciate it, your support and interest that is, and although the album will take a little longer to come out, it will come out, I don't want to say when anymore, but sooner then later.

Below is a download link to the first song off of the September Nine Mixtape Vol. 2.. the entire mixtape will be available on... you guessed it... September Nine.. and the album is on it's way.


Ian Kamau

To learn more about his Birthday and Listening Party check the Facebook invite page here..Here's a leaked single from the album. The track is called Make You Love Me.