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Thursday, July 2, 2009

vintage: benetton tv ad 1989

In the 80's I was trying to figure everything out. What was what with this world. What's wrong. What's right. Who should I listen to and I shouldn't be listening to. I was trying to find myself. I knew that we were all the same. Well, people kept on telling me that but didn't really know. You know? I had white friends. I had a few black friends. I had a couple asian pals and a couple brown buds. But it never really struck me that we were different colors, really. It's just sometimes that a bad seed in the crowd would remind us. "Hey was your Dad his Dad's slave?" the kid would ask. Other bothering racial slurs would occasionally occur. Then I remember watching the Benetton ads on TV and I was reminded. We are United Colors. It gave me self-assurance that my family and friends weren't just saying this just to be nice. It was true. It's an ad I will never forget.