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Monday, July 6, 2009

paper bag...

Watched American Beauty last night. Great movie. Loved it. Haven't seen it since that day in the summer of 2001 when I watched it at a friends house while sipping on beer and smoking special cigarettes. Times have changed. Changed a lot. I guess I'm getting old or something, but I tend to think and start sentences with the words, It was so much simpler back then. In a world now, we as a technology forced population, we don't seem to have time to find the beauty in a paper bag floating in the air driven by mother nature's breath or how leaves fall down on the ground and make a impact on the green green grass. We're too consumed on Twittering that we just got back from coffee and we heard about The News on CNN. We're busy looking at our blackberry's, driving our Sabs, picking the kids up from the mall with our credit cards and racing to get home so we can watch the movie we download for free. Sure, American Beauty does show what's wrong with society but the society they portrayed was from a decade ago. Have we progressed so much that we're even more ruined or that we just have other things wrong with us? I still think that we should still find time to see the beauty in things.

Like that paper bag.