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Thursday, July 2, 2009

hits on the soul..

When I need to get out of a hole or a depressed funk, I turn to Hip Hop. When I need to get inspired I look at either Hip Hop or Classic Rock. When I need to relax, I play Rnb or Motown or Classical music. Tonight, I turned to Soul. Soul calms me. Makes me think that Oh Child, Things are going to Get Easier. From the originators to the ones in between to the newbies, I love true soul music. It reminds me of love and happiness and sexy stuff that makes this world go round and round. It makes me think of natural beauty. Girls. Girls I know, girls I knew, and girls I wish I knew. Women seem to always make me smile. Not always in that way, though but they do. I guess it's the strength they have? The way they handle themselves. Well, not all the time. Not all women are like that. Unfortunate. But true. Recently I was talking to a friend of mine and was reminded that I was playing Luther the first time. Yeah. The First Time. Don't remember the song, but I remember it was Luther in the room with me. That night. Maybe it's because of that memory I always connect soul music with love. Maybe it's just the lyrics and the way I get an ego boost everytime I listen to it making me think I can mack on any girl that comes my way. Maybe it's the production that makes me feel like I'm floating on a cloud sipping on champagne and watching life pass me by and analysing the beautiful aspects that surround it. Maybe I just love the music. Soul hits the soul. It hits my soul.