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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

girl, do i do...

When I see you on the street
My whole body gets weak
When you're standing in a crowd
Your love talks to me so loud
Girl, do I do, what you do, when I do my love to you

Laying backwards on my rocking chair. Writing. Thinking I haven't seen you lately. It's been a while. Thinking about you, though. Always. Wish I saw you more. More and more and more. Well, maybe not that much but enough to satisfy my appetite. I want you to be in my life more. Things could've been different if we didn't go down that road we chose to. Things happen. I know. I wish. People take for granted when they see people every day. When they stop seeing that person, they realize how important they were in their life. I guess it's kinda like dead celebrity status. When they're gone you appreciate their art even more. You go out and buy their discography, movie catalog, books, TV show DVD's. Whatever. Anything they did. Doesn't matter what. As long as they're in it, you'll pick it up. Just to remember. Think about them when you want. Reflect on their artistic greatness. You have a lot of artistic greatness. I want to go out and buy all your stuff. I like you that much. Thinking about you, though. All that artistic greatness you created when you were around. All the time. Seems like a lifetime ago, now. Time flies when we're making greatness. Time flew when we were. We had some good times. Think about them a lot. Oh Girl, I do....