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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a, e, i, o, u and nouns, too..

I learned about English today at school. In case you don't know. I started school Monday. Business. It's going good. It's the first week, so the headaches, the constant swirling of vocabulary, math equations and computer voiced instruction dudes are new and I'm sure they'll go away in time. I hope. Today I spent the day looking over my English book. I read about nouns, and verbs, and adjectives, and pronouns and other stuff that I forgot about years ago. As I write I'm trying to see if I'm writing a grammatically correct sentence and where these nouns are that learned about. After a while, these rules left my head and I just started to write. What sounded good, I left. What didn't, I erased. I don't know why these sentences sound good. They just do. Now trying to remember all these rules is confusing. Am I supposed to write differently now? Should I change my writing style now since I know I'm most likely writing run-on sentences and have a huge amount of fragments inside my posts? I guess I'll just have to learn to accept that we do have rules to the English language. I'm thinking it's always great to get a refresher course, though. Hey. It's just a stepping stone, right? I never knew how school could kill your ego. I thought I was good at English. I am. I understand most of it. Just not all of it. And It was all of it that I thought I would know. School makes you humble. It opens you up mentally after refusing new information fed to you for more than a decade. It gives you a chance to learn again. That part is what I'm looking forward to. That's the part that I'm excited about. The headaches feel good in that sense. It means that I'm learning again. It's just new and something I need to accustomed to. Lifes all about learning. I just haven't paid for it for a while. Financially and Mentally.