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Thursday, June 4, 2009

the time warp dream

Last night I learned what it would feel like if I were going to back in time. The dream was amazing, odd, cool and disturbing all rolled up in one tripped out package.

The dream went like this. I'm walking around town when I find myself in an old warehouse. I see someone. They come over and tell me to stay in this room and I'll be OK. I go into the room. After a few minutes I get worried, I open the door and come outside. I'm suddenly transported back in time. To 1992 when I graduated grade 8. Everything seemed accurate. The people. How the stage was set up. What I wore. What my friends were wearing. The music they played. What I did that night but they were a few things that were off. Some people who I met after grade 8 were there. Songs that were released just a few years ago were being played. Some people looked like their current day self and not how they looked way back when. Things like that. I started to follow myself all around the room. He finally got a few minutes by himself. I went up to him and said who I was. He first ignored me and then he told me to Shut up and that I will wreck everything.

I wanted to tell my 1992 self what to look for in the upcoming years. What to do. Not to do. What decisions he should make. Warn him about all the bad stuff that's going to go down. How life will be in the future. However, he continued to shut me up. I knew I had to tell him something. My 1992 self grabbed his stuff and was about to head to the after party. With one last ditch attempt, I looked at him and screamed out "Life is Good".

That's when I woke up.