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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We don't really have to think of anything. Just run with it. Run with it and go for miles till you have to stop. Stop? Why? I don't like stopping. Stopping means acceptance in defeat. Defeat? Me? Never. No defeat. Go for all. Rules are there to be broken. Make new ones. Break new ground. Ground that was always there, break it. You know? More the better sometimes. It's just like that. It makes me feel free, personally. More free I should say. My mind is always active that way. More active. It just works that way. When I wasn't thinking too much. When I was focused on one thing I got bored. I needed to reach out and expand. Look elsewhere. Something else that sparked my interest. More the better sometimes, you know? Did I already say that? Anyway. Even though my mind is cluttered with irreverent information I soak up in less than 24 hours, I tend to want more information to run with. Run for miles. I like it like that. I'm repeating myself. I think. I don't know. Too much going on. Sometimes, I need to slow down and think about what's going on around me and try to gather. Gather my thoughts. Thoughts that are swirling around and around and around. The more the better. I feel alive this way. More alive. Yeah. I could have one thing I really enjoy doing and run with that, but I still feel a bit cheated. Cheated with less substance to run with on my back. My back can take it. It's been taking it for years. I can handle it. I like to slow down, but I try not to. It's too close to stopping. Can't Stop. Won't Stop. That's how I was taught. Taught by the people who inspired me. Legends, Regular folk, Icons, Innovators. Those guys and girls. Women. Men. All of the selected few. Always continue to keep on keeping on. Never stop. Always run. Slow down if need be, but never accept defeat. Proceed and Innovate.