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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the kiss could work..

I was checking out the New KISS-FM yesterday to just do an article on here. I knew It wouldn't be the best hour of the day, but I just had to do it. For the sake of the blog. I got to say. I kinda enjoyed it. I didn't enjoy it enough that I would tune in everyday, but I did enjoy it. I liked the electricity that CHR radio usually brings to the airwaves. The vision of back in the 90's growing up with some of the most legendary Top 40 talents in the country making us want to stay tuned for another hour. Day. Week. Month. The personality ruled over the music. The music got you listening. It's Them who made you want to stay. Alas, there wasn't any of Them there, but it's the power behind the bumpers, the jingles, the comedic spots, that brought that type of energy Top 40 radio always had and was missed in the local market for years.

Sure, many people are saying that we already have a few other Top 40ish type radio stations in Toronto. But are they really? Do they really have that effect that CHUM did? The same electricity that CFTR brought? Don't think so. They have the format, but they don't have the rest. The rest of the formula that made Top 40 radio not only a radio concept but a culture. A music culture. I'm thinking if done right, and if the higher-ups do the same thing they did back in the 'TR days and make it modern, the new KISS could work. They need to bring in the right talent. The right promotions. The right news people. The cast of characters - both on and off air have a great deal to do with the feel of the station. KISS is there, they just can't 'eff it up.

Hopefully it does work. I'm not going to listen for the music, but then again I didn't listen to CFTR for it, either.

Good luck, KISS. You'll need it.