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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

jackson music tributes...

I've been bombarded by different re-mixes, and tribute mixes and similar music hails to the late King of Pop in the past few days. Thought I would give a shout out to a couple of my favorites I've heard thus far..

Good friends of the blog, Circle Research were one of the first to put out something in memory to Michael. Check out the duo's special re-mix of Rock With You here

The legendary DJ Grouch made up a little Jackson tribute and you can download it here. The mix features a bunch of non-related Jackson tunes but tracks that basically convey how millions must feel right now.

Oh yeah. Just a reminder, that I posted my very own VMT yesterday and you can view it over here. I also posted a nice mixtape by the Press Play peeps. You can download their tribute here.

Furthermore, I'm sure all the local weeklies will be showcasing the works of the King this week and I'm sure we'll be able to download the tribute set at a later time. Watch out for some more tribute mixes coming in the next few weeks. Keep your ear out as we continue to remember Michael Joe Jackson.