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Monday, May 11, 2009


Take a minute to listen to Bob today. It is his 28th year anniversary of his death, after all. Give Mom a little bigger squeeze today. I know her day was yesterday, but she does deserve everyday. Think about what others are going through. How they might feel. Why they might feel like it's obligatory for them to stand for hours on a highway to make a point. Reach out and think what they're going through. Examine the news. Don't believe the hype. Judge for yourself. Run a mile and play in the yard or garden or playground or balcony. Enjoy the sun. Eat some home cooking. Be healthy. Save the dough. Experiment. Try something New. Watch something new on the tele. Educate and Entertain yourself, today. Read a new section of the newspaper you usually don't read. Learn something new. Breath in the fresh air. De-Stress yourself. Enjoy a coffee or tea in silence and reflect. Do Yoga. Stretch and remember that you're alive. Laugh. Live.