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Monday, May 11, 2009

jackson uk shows cancelled?

From HollyScoop

Michael Jackson’s concert in London this summer will be the biggest show of the year--especially because it’s reportedly his last tour ever. But MJ has run into a little roadblock. AllGood Entertainment has sent a “cease and desist” to the company organizing his summer shows.

Here’s why: In 2008, Michael Jackson’s manager Frank Dileo signed a deal promising that he’d appear with his family on tour. As part of the deal, he was prohibited to make another concert deal for 18 months. So as a result, Jacko’s summer shows would mean he’d be breaking his contract.

Lawyers for the family now want to have the London shows canceled. Michael’s defense is that he never actually signed his name on the family tour deal. But according to TMZ, Jacko’s manager signed the contract, which is apparently just as good as having his own signature on the deal.

This would be such a shame to have all of Michael Jackson’s shows canceled just on a technicality. And all of the shows are already sold out, so that would make for a lot of angry fans!