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Sunday, May 17, 2009

the mom wheelchair dream

Had another parent dream last night. This one wasn't about my father but about my Mom. Here is how it goes..

I'm walking around a Farmers Market wondering how I can get the most for my money. I only had $20 on me. I was looking at these organic cakes and muffins and all these other pastry dishes. I also checked out the veggies. Good stuff. I then hear someone calling my name. I realize it's my mother. I run over. I fall. I get up but can't walk. I find a wheelchair and start to roll over. For some reason, my legs are hurting from being in the wheelchair. My mother needs help to use a pay phone (remember those?). I tell her I need help to get over there and she needs to push me. She refuses. I try harder and harder to get where I need to be. I finally get there.

I wake up.