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Thursday, May 14, 2009

dad and i dream

I just love those naps when it felt like you were laying there for a couple of minutes but you passed out for a couple of hours. Deep sleeps are nice. This afternoon I had one, and a crazy dream about my Father. I don't really dream about my Dad. I used to. Not anymore. Don't know why. We talk all the time. I'm always thinking about him. But no. This dream was a bit different though. Here it is.

I'm at my house playing some domino's with my Dad at the kitchen table. I'm drinking some wine. My Dad and I were chatting while throwing down the hard cards. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then, my head falls to the table. I fall asleep. I feel my father picking me up and carrying me around on his back. He suddenly starts running around the house. Then I feel him running up the stairs. He screams out Happy Birthday. It's my mothers birthday. I come to and give my Mom a kiss.

I wake up.