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Monday, May 25, 2009

cheese and crackers

Too bad cheese and crackers aren't filling. I could live on that snack. But that's exactly what it is. A Snack. I remember watching all my kiddie shows as a child with a huge plate of cheese and cracks. I remember doing my homework with a plate of it by my side. I remember writing on my computer. Working on my book and still have the dish by my side. People usually have the predetermined set of food that they say is comfort food. I think real comfort food is what you think it is. What you make it to be. Everyone has different ways to look at what made them feel better or make them feel safe and secure. For me it's cheese and crackers. I don't know why. Maybe because it's been with me when I needed a little something to distract me while concentrating on stressful situations. Maybe it's because I was always able to rely on such an easy dish to make when I needed something to snack on. Maybe because it was always there. Melted cheese and crackers just make me feel good. Makes me stomach growl and my soul smile.