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Monday, May 25, 2009


Was going to update the blog today. Never thought of anything to write. Sometimes I get like that. I just get into this mundane universe where nothing really inspires me. Nothing makes me explore through the English book and borrow different words to come up with an astonishing - or not so astonishing phrase or two. I just sit here trying to look for some type of inspiration but nothing. All I feel is a bit of blahism. Blahism is my word of the day. Like it? I think I'll be using it more. I watch old re-runs of Degrassi The Next Generation waiting for my Monday TV power hour to begin while feeling like I haven't accomplished anything today. Then Ding Dong! The witch isn't dead. It was just taking a nap. I get something to write about. I feel good about it. The thing about blogs and about creative writing and about being able to convey yourself from the inner to the outer world is that it doesn't really have to be about anything. Anything at all. It just has to be something. Something that shows you and everyone else that you still have it. I think I do. I'm happy about that. I was getting worried. Stuck in blahism.