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Saturday, April 25, 2009

sun and moon dream

Had a crazy dream the other day. Don't really know what it was about. It had me going everywhere. With everyone. I thought it was a pretty boring dream, actually but then something happened to make it one of the coolest dreams ever.

I'm walking around town with my mother. Just walking and talking. Stopping at some stores and looking at stuff. We decide to get into the car. I think we have to drive to some restaurant. Don't know. Might have forgot. Anyway, we're in the car when my Mom sees a huge field with red roses. She stops the car at the side of the road and we get out to pick a few flowers. I look at my watch and tell my Mom that I knew that the sun would still be out at this time. It was around 8 o'clock. Then right after I said that, I see the moon coming from the right. Big. Bold. Bright Moon running through the clouds and the blue skies to catch up with the sun. The moon takes the Sun position. I see the moon go over the sun and it looked like the sun dissolved into the moon. It looked cool.

I wake up.