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Saturday, April 25, 2009

vmt: some more of that old hip hop

Another week another VMT. I'm going to try to do this as a weekly feature. We'll see. This time around I'm going to put down some obscure old school Hip Hop joints I've been listening to lately. Obscure joints mixed in with a bit more popular tracks from that same time period. Hope you enjoy. And don't forget, educate yourself if you're not too sure of a track or an artist. That's the main reason why I do this feature after all. Oh yeah, Try to spot the Canadian talent!

Oh What A Night - Diamond Shell feat. Biz Markie
Young Girl Bluez - Biz Markie
I Shouldn't Have Done It - Slick Rick
The Shoot Em Up - Intelligent Hoodlum
I Can't Live Without my Radio - LL Cool J
Do You Know What Time It Is - Kool Mo Dee
I'm A Ho - Whodini
Represent - Grand Daddy IU
The Body Rock - The Treacherous Three
On Da Mic - Michee Mee
I Ain't To Be Flexed With - MC Breed
Mad Scientist - Large Professor
Where Ya At? - D.I.T.C feat. DJ Premier
Duck Down - Boogie Down Productions
Buck'Em Down - Blackmoon
I Ain't Havin That - Heltah Skeltah feat. Redman
Whatever Man - Redman and Method Man
4,3,2,1 - LL Cool J feat. DMX, Redman, Method Man, Canibus, Master P
Second Round KO - Canibus
The World Is Yours - Nas
Krazy World - Ghetto Concept
The Pain - Franenstein
What You Need - Main Source
Portrait of the Artist as a Hood - 3rd Bass
Who Me? - KMD
What A Niggy Know? - KMD
Keepin' The Faith - De La Soul
Brain Washed Follower - De La Soul
I Didn't Mean To - Casual
Rap Superstar - Cypress Hill